One-of-a-kind. State-of-the-art. Best-in-class.

  The demand for a premier entertainment venue on the Mississippi Gulf Coast is finally being satisfied after a team of business savvy entrepreneurs have joined together to breathe new life into the historic Kress Building located in Vieux Marche in downtown Biloxi. Music lovers will be further awakened with an unforgettable experience that fuses eclectic decor, spirited ambience, superb talent and unparalleled sound. Kress Live — Bringing world-class entertainment to the Gulf Coast one act at a time. To stay up to date with Kress Live, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Art Gallery

The gallery will help support Hearts Full of Soul, a non-profit created by Kress Live to help fund dwindling music and arts programs in local community schools, grant programs for artists and musicians, and scholarship opportunities.
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